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Stitch Fix is back!

Ok, so it never really went anywhere, but after I got pregnant it didn’t make sense to keep ordering clothes that, well, just wouldn’t fit for a while (they don’t do maternity, unfortunately.  Or fortunately, since I didn’t really need a reason to buy more maternity clothes :) ) Update: in the time between when I started writing this post and when I published it, Stitch Fix started offering maternity! Yay for all you pregnant ladies out there!

Now that I’m 6 months postpartum (how is THAT possible?!), I figured it was time to treat myself to some new stuff.  These days just about everything centers around the baby, so it was nice to do something just for me. And, it really is perfect for a mother with a young baby – have you ever tried to go try on clothes at a store with an infant? Or a toddler, for that matter – I’m sure that’s even worse! That’s one of the best things about Stitch Fix, in my opinion – they ship everything right to your door, so all you need to do is try it on in the comfort of your own home, on your own time (naptime, anyone?) and ship back whatever you don’t like in the provided, postage-paid envelope within 3 days.

The other really fun thing about Stitch Fix is that it’s a great way to step a little bit out of your comfort zone.  You provide them with information about your style via your profile, and can also link to a Pinterest board to give your stylist a sense of the types of clothes you like.  This month, my stylist sent me 3 items directly from my Pinterest board, plus two other items of her choosing.  You also have the opportunity to write a note to your stylist with every order, indicating things that you are or are not looking for.  For example, for my next Fix (yep, already scheduled that), I requested more spring items, fun stuff to wear on our upcoming trip to the Outer Banks, and a dress that I would be able to nurse in without, you know, pulling the whole thing up.  Once your box arrives, if you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount!

When you order your Stitch Fix, there is a styling fee of $20.  If you choose to keep any of the items, the $20 fee is credited toward your balance.  Not too shabby, since having your own personal stylist/shopper feels a bit like a high end experience.

Oh, and one last thing – you can order single shipments from Stitch Fix, OR you can sign up for an automatic subscription – whatever you feel like.  There’s no additional charge associated with the monthly subscription, and you can cancel at any time without any penalties.


On to the good stuff:

First up – this adorable “foldover” sweater.  I thought this was really flattering, and comfortable! I love the interesting neckline.

Market & Spruce Taber Foldover 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

Next up was this “Birds on Branch” infinity scarf that I had pinned.  My stylist suggested pairing it with the foldover sweater, and it certainly does look cute with it!

Octavia Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf

The next two items I got were this Mini Dot crew neck sweater, and a pair of purple skinny jeans (I had requested a pair of colored jeans).  I love that my stylist went with purple! They pair great with this sweater AND with the foldover sweater, and honestly with a lot of other things I already have in my wardrobe.  They look kind of burgundy in the first two photos, but as you can see below, they’re much more purple in real life.

Renee C Mini Dot Crew Neck Sweater
Just Black Adora Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean

Renee C Mini Dot Crew Neck Sweater
Just Black Adora Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean

Just Black Adora Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean

Last up was this patterned trench coat that I had pinned.  I really like fun fall/spring outerwear, and I thought this was a cute option now that the weather is changing.  Unfortunately, the fit wasn’t exactly right , but I thought it still looked pretty cute when left unbelted.  This is also where that 25% off discount comes into play – the price difference between keeping the trench (and getting the discount) and shipping the trench back was only $16; I figured for that price, it was worth keeping.  I’m hopeful that it will fit a little better as I continue to lose some baby weight.

Tulle Kimmey Woven Trench Coat

Tulle Kimmey Woven Trench Coat

So in the end, it was a 5/5 Fix for me! I was thrilled with the items I got this time, and requested that I keep the same stylist next time, since she did such an awesome job.  That’s the best thing about Stitch Fix – the more you do it, the better your stylist gets to know you, and the better your boxes get! I can’t wait to see what she chooses for me next time!

Disclaimer:  Each of the Stitch Fix links in this post will lead you to my personal referral page.  While Stitch Fix in no way sponsored this post (pretty sure no one over there is reading Solano’s Kitchen), if you sign up for your own Stitch Fix using my referral link I will get a $25 credit towards my next order.  

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  1. Looks great!

  2. eeeecckk. I {LOVE}the jacket! I just pinned it, begging my stylist to send it in my next fix. You look great in everything in your fix!

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