About Ali

Hi! I’m Ali, the baker/cook behind Solano’s Kitchen.   By day, I’m a school psychologist who works in a public school for students with autism.  I live in Wilmington, Delaware with my fiancé, Daren, and our Border Collie/Eskimo mix, Amber.  We recently bought a house, and spend a good bit of time making it our home, in addition to planning our wedding.  In the midst of it all, I try to fit in as much cooking and baking as possible! I love to learn new things and try out different or challenging recipes in the kitchen.  We also love entertaining – any excuse to throw a good party!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the blog, trying out the recipes and hopefully learning some things yourself.  I also hope the blog will help me continue to grow as a baker and a cook (and that my photography skills will get at least a little bit better!)  Everything I know I learned either from my parents (my dad used to work in my grandfather’s restaurant, and I learned a good bit of cookie-baking skills from my mom) or by taking in as much information as I can via the Internet and various cookbooks.  I think my skills in the kitchen have come a long way by simply reading and trying recipes from food blogs – with any luck, Solano’s Kitchen will do the same for you!

*1st and 2nd pics by Rebecca of Rebecca Simeone Designs