ABC – crusty apple pie

When it comes to pies, which camp do you fall into – crust lover, or filling lover?  I won’t hesitate to say that I am pretty solidly on the crust lover side of things.  I mean, come on – eating a piece of pie is really just a socially acceptable way to eat a whole bunch of flaky, buttery, crispy crust, right?  If you’re a crust fan like me, then this is definitely the pie for you.  It’s got the highest crust-to-filling ratio I’ve ever encountered, along with some pretty unique crust ingredients (cream cheese and buttermilk powder, anyone?) and a baking methodology that doesn’t even require a pie pan.  Even if you prefer filling to crust (seriously? who are you?), this pie is worth a taste – the layer of gooey cinnamon sugar under the apples is seriously delicious, especially if you use high quality ground cinnamon.  And if you aren’t a fan of apples or cinnamon either, I guess you better go find yourself a different recipe!

As you guys probably already know, over the past few months I have been participating in the Baked Sunday Mornings baking group.  Well, I’ve been enjoying baking with that group so much that I recently set out to find another group of bloggers to bake along with.  When I stumbled upon the Avid Bakers Challenge, I found what should be a perfect match – they bake only 1 recipe a month, which will (should?) be completely manageable, and they’re currently baking from the King Arthur Flour website – which I love!

you can see how flat the pie is here – there’s that high crust-to-filling ratio!

The first recipe I am baking along with sounded great, and the execution of it did not disappoint.  As I mentioned above, this crusty apple pie combines a high ratio of pie crust with some tart apple slices as a spicy hit of cinnamon sugar.  I used a Vietnamese (or Saigon) cinnamon for this recipe, and the difference in flavor is substantial – I would highly recommend giving it a try.  The original recipe calls for KAF’s Baker’s Cinnamon Filling in place of the cinnamon sugar – while I’ve never used this ingredient before, it looked so good that I will likely be ordering some before long!  A couple of other recipe notes – I did add the buttermilk powder to the crust dough, but it’s optional if you don’t have any; and the recipe does not specify a type of apple – I used Granny Smith (my go-to for any baking adventures).

To check out the recipe for yourself, head on over to King Arthur Flour; then stop by the Avid Bakers Challenge site to see what everyone else thought!