root beer float popsicles


Whoo, sorry for the looong absence from blog writing over here! Third trimester is catching up to me a little bit :) I thought I’d get lots done over my 2 week break from school, BUT it turns out that my time was much better spent sitting on the couch watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.  Like seriously, I went through 9  seasons this summer.  Awesome yet also slightly sad.  But it was just what I needed at this point!  I did get a lot of freezer meals prepped and ready to go for after the little one gets here, so that was a big win.  And, of course, I made these popsicles.  Which pretty much speak for themselves.  If you’re a root beer fan anyway- which apparently pregnancy has turned me into?  Seriously, used to hate root beer.  Love it now.  And mix in some quality ice cream? Makes the pregnant lady very happy!

Speaking of Netflix… now that I’ve finished all of the Grey’s episodes of Netflix, I need something else to watch.  Any good TV series recommendations anyone??



  • 1 bottle root beer (try to use a high quality one!)
  • Vanilla ice cream, slightly softened


Pour root beer about 1/3 of the way into each popsicle mold.  Spoon softened ice cream over the root beer and push down slightly, leaving some space at the top.  Top each mold with additional root beer, skimming off any foam.  Move to the freezer for 30 minutes, then add the popsicle sticks and freeze completely.

Yield: 10 popsicles

Source: straight from Solano’s Kitchen!

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