lil law’s gender reveal!

Last Thursday, Daren and I had a really fun and exciting experience – our anatomy scan!  After a small but stressful scheduling snafu (my midwives’ office forgot to fax the prescription over to the imaging center), we got everything sorted out and settled in for our hour-long ultrasound. I had no idea the anatomy scan would last that long, but it was awesome! Lil Law is looking healthy and happy in there, and was wiggling all around throughout the whole scan- including doing what Daren called “baby’s first first pump”.  The amount of detail you can see on those scans is really amazing.

As an added bonus to seeing our healthy baby, we got to find out what we are having! After finding out on Thursday, I baked up some lemon cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting and filled them with colored frosting. Sunday night, we celebrated with a bunch of friends (who could not wait until after dinner to dig into those cupcakes). When they bit into them, here’s what they were greeted with:

That’s right, Lil Law is a baby girl! Daren and I could not be more happy and excited :) Soon enough she’ll be in the kitchen with me, baking up her own cupcakes!

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