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Alright guys, time to share my newest obsession with you – Stitch Fix!

I’m sure by this point, a lot of you have heard of Stitch Fix (if you read a lot of blogs, you almost certainly have – it has definitely blown up in the blogging world!)  In case you haven’t, let me give you the run down:

Stitch Fix is a website/personal shopper-type service where you fill out a style profile to give them a sense of your tastes, lifestyle, body type, etc.  You can even provide links to Pinterest boards to help them get a better idea of what type of clothing/accessories you generally wear, or would like to see in a Stitch Fix.  The site allows for plenty of commenting and guidance from you – only wear jeans and not a big fan of dresses? No problem.  Have a wedding coming up that you’ll need something to wear to? Just let them know.  Once you’ve given them a clear picture of who you are and what you like to wear, you get assigned a personal stylist.  The stylist then picks out 5 items that they think you would love to receive!

Then, they ship your personal picks out to you, and it’s like Christmas came early.  What! A box of clothes on my doorstep that I’ve never seen before? Heck yes.  Once you check out the box and decide what you like and don’t like, you keep whatever you want and ship back the rest, free of charge.  If you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount!

When you order your Stitch Fix, there is a styling fee of $20.  If you choose to keep any of the items, the $20 fee is credited toward your balance.  Not too shabby, since having your own personal stylist/shopper feels like a ridiculously high end experience – the whole thing is just extremely fun.  To give you a better sense of what I thought of it – within an hour of getting my first box, I ordered a second one :)  Shh, don’t tell Daren…

Oh, and one last thing – you can order single shipments from Stitch Fix, OR you can sign up for a monthly subscription – whatever you feel like.  There’s no additional charge associated with the monthly subscription, and you can cancel at any time without any penalties.

Ready to check out what I got? First, the good:

Tulle Trina Lace Print Belted Dress

This was my favorite piece of this month’s Fix.  The dress was super cute, and I loved the print:

It fit a little differently/was a slightly different style than I would normally go for, but that was really what I was looking for from this service – to branch out into new styles I wouldn’t have tried otherwise, so I was really happy with it.  And it has pockets – love. Already wore it out to dinner Friday night, and it was both cute and comfy!

Pink Martini Felix Zig-Zag Drape Front Cardigan

The second piece I received (and kept) was this drape front cardigan.  I went back and forth on this one for a while – while I really liked the print, I wasn’t 100% sure about the fit and the draping – it seemed a little bulkier than what I normally wear.  Ultimately, I decided to go for it, and I’ve already worn this one as well.

41Hawthorn Bow Cuff

The last thing I kept was this cute little bow bracelet.  As anyone who has seen my shoe collection can attest, I have an affinity for cute bows on accessories :) I also liked that this was a really neutral bracelet, so I can wear it with just about anything.

And now, the not so good:

Skies are Blue Sylvie Lurex Sleeveless Shift Dress

 This dress was just an all around big no.  I have a hard time with dresses that are cut like this – it was definitely too snug in the thighs.  In addition to that, the material looked cute in the box but terrible on – it’s made out of Lurex, which is a metallic synthetic fabric that I apparently really dislike.  Next!

Tart Saffron Abstract Print V-Neck Dolman Top

Well, at least I got a good laugh out of this one! It looked really promising in the box; I again really loved the print:

So cute! But, unfortunately the shirt was way too big – I think when I was filling out my style profile, I forgot that I normally wear petites, and that when I wear “regular” sizes I need to go down a size to compensate.  I went back and fixed that afterwards, so hopefully next time I won’t have that issue.  But, in addition to being too big – this was also what I like to call a “flying squirrel” shirt!Just… no.

Overall, I was really happy with my first Stitch Fix!  After you get your shipment, you have the opportunity to go back online and and leave detailed comments about what you liked and disliked about each piece, to give their stylists a better sense of what to send you next time.  I’ve heard that your Fixes get better and better each time. Can’t wait to receive my next one!

So what do you guys think – would you give it a try?

Disclaimer:  Each of the Stitch Fix links in this post will lead you to my personal referral page.  While Stitch Fix in no way sponsored this post (pretty sure no one over there is reading Solano’s Kitchen :) ), if you sign up for your own Stitch Fix using my referral link I will get a $25 credit towards my next order.

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  1. Carol Scheuch says:

    I just loved the first dress and the second,
    l have been on the road as well , weddings showers, that kid of stuff .
    lam small but zoom look good and then they don’t. I just don’t like shopping as much as l use to. Look forward and have fun


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