life with the lawrences: stitch fix october

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; it’s Stitch Fix time!

In case you missed it last time, Stitch Fix is my latest habit to hide from my husband really cool obsession.  To quickly recap: you go online here, fill out a style profile to let them know all your likes and dislikes, and a stylist (my last one was Thomas; thanks Thomas!) picks out 5 clothing items/accessories to ship to you.  Then, a few weeks later, you spot a box full of clothes just waiting for you on your doorstep and you proceed to do the dance of joy (aaah did anyone else used to love that show?!).

Once you check out the box and decide what you like and don’t like, you keep whatever you want and ship back the rest, free of charge.  If you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount!  When you order your Stitch Fix, there is a styling fee of $20.  If you choose to keep any of the items, the $20 fee is credited toward your balance.  For more deets, check out my first SF post here.

While I liked my first shipment, I LOVED this second one.  Four out of the 5 items were major hits; while the fifth was just okay, it ended up being cheaper for me to keep it because of the 25% discount (bonus!).  I’ve actually already worn it twice, so I guess it’s not all bad :)  Here’s what I got this time around:

Clemency Triangle Print Tab-Sleeve Tunic by 19 Cooper

Erin Skinny Jean by Just Black

 This tunic top was awesome! I like that it is on the long side, and the print is perfect.  I didn’t realize until after I snapped these pics that it has tab sleeves, but it looks even better with those rolled up :)  Because I’m so short, I think it runs a little longer on me than on most, so it gets just a tiny bit snug around the hips, but nothing I can’t work with (incentive to lose some weight, maybe?)

The skinny jeans were also great – they are so soft and comfy.  Again, my height was a bit of an issue since I generally buy pants that come in a short length, but I just cuffed them for now and I could always potentially get them hemmed later on.  These have quickly worked themselves right into my jeans rotation.  Oh, and by the way guys – just ignore that lovely basket of laundry and random picture in the background there :)

Oise Boat Neck Dolman Sleeve Sweater by Pink Martini

Before my shipment arrived, I was on the Stitch Fix website trying to check my referral link and ended up seeing the list of things that I would be receiving before I actually got them.  When I saw “Dolman Sleeve Sweater” on the list, I have to say I was a little pissed. I received a dolman sleeve shirt last time, and it was pretty bad (think flying squirrel).  I had noted that in my feedback, so I was surprised to see that I would be getting another one.  Well, my apologies to Thomas for doubting him, because on this sweater the sleeves totally worked!  It fits great, and since it’s in a neutral color it can easily be changed up with different tank tops and jewelry.  Oh, and you can see the cuffed jeans in this photo – I think they look fine like that, right?

Cardell Exposed Seam Knit Shirt by Matty M

This was the shirt that was a little blah – the cut is on the baggy side, and it fits pretty loosely.  Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing though :)  This one has definitely grown on me.

Gustavo Cross front 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Dress by Everly

And my absolute favorite piece from this box – this gorgeous black dress! It can easily be dressed up or down, fits perfectly and is super comfy because of the jersey material.  This was another one I was originally concerned about since jersey has a tendency to not hide much/show all your flaws, but score another major point for Thomas on this one.

Super happy with how this shipment worked out – for next time, I asked for some more colorful items/patterns, and maybe a cool piece of outerwear.  Can’t wait to see what they pick!

Disclaimer:  Each of the Stitch Fix links in this post will lead you to my personal referral page.  While Stitch Fix in no way sponsored this post (pretty sure no one over there is reading Solano’s Kitchen ), if you sign up for your own Stitch Fix using my referral link I will get a $25 credit towards my next order.  And then you guys can continue to enjoy my awful self pics and ridiculous looks of concentration while taking them.  Seriously, I tried smiling and the results were not pretty (one of my eyes likes to squint up just as soon as I try to take the shot).  Gotta love it.

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