hydrangea cupcakes

The first time I saw cupcakes decorated like this (probably on Pinterest), I totally fell in love with them.  So cute! It took me over a year before I found the right occasion to make them, though.  I knew it would probably be a springtime event, and when I got put in charge of desserts for a friend’s baby shower, I figured that would be the perfect opportunity.  I love how these came out, and everyone else seemed to enjoy them as well!

To make them, I used these chocolate cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting (I left the vanilla bean out of the frosting for aesthetic reasons).  I colored about 1/3 of the frosting with AmeriColor food coloring in Sky Blue, then added a tiny drop of Violet and mixed it until it was still a bit streaky, to give it some depth.  To pipe the flowers, I used a large closed star tip (like a Wilton 2D tip).  I smeared the blue frosting around the edges of the piping bag, then filled the center with white.  After that, you just pipe large star shapes around the edge of the cupcake and then into the center, and voila! A hydrangea.

I kept the colors light blue and white because of the baby shower, but this would easily lend itself to a wide range of other colors.  Blue mixed with purple instead of white would work well, and I think pink and white would be beautiful! I can’t wait to make these again just thinking about it :)

In addition to the hydrangea cupcakes, I made these onesie sugar cookies for the baby shower, as well as some snickerdoodle cupcakes and some lemon blueberry ones (the lemon blueberry are a favorite of mine – that recipe will make its way onto the blog soon, I promise!)  Can’t wait to meet Cathy & JT’s baby – only a couple of weeks to go!

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