baked sunday mornings: campfire cookies

When I saw these cookies on the schedule for Baked Sunday Mornings, I had really high hopes for them.  They seemed like an odd choice for a holiday cookie – I think of them as more of a summertime type of treat – but they sounded delicious nonetheless.  Who doesn’t love s’mores, and these are basically s’mores in cookie form!  You take a brown sugar and cinnamon dough, and add in coarsely crumbled graham crackers, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.  Sounds fantastic to me! After baking them, however, I was a little bit disappointed, mainly in the aesthetics of the cookies.  There doesn’t seem to be enough batter to combat the number of marshmallows, which lead to the marshmallows melting all over the place in some of the cookies.  Those cookies flattened out, and were a nightmare to get off the baking sheet (this is NOT the time to skip the parchment paper or silicone baking mat – once I switched to that they were much easier to remove).  So of course I was frustrated, especially since I was planning on serving these to some friends who were coming over.  I served them any way, and surprise surprise, everyone LOVED them.  End point being, if you tend to get hung up on the aesthetics of your baked goods like I do, these might frustrate you a little bit.  If all you care about is flavor (which really should be the most important thing!) then these were great, and easy to make!

Yield: about 3 dozen cookies

Source: Baked Occasions

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  1. Sometimes I think we get hung up on how our treats look…I know I do…but then it always turns out that people could care less what they look like, as long as they taste amazing! Which these do! I loved them!

  2. How a dessert looks is also important to me. These weren’t very pretty , but tasted great!

  3. I agree with Robin, they weren’t pretty but my testers didn’t care either, they loved them! On my second tray of cookies, I tried to make sure that all the marshmallows were tucked into the rolled ball of dough (seemed to work better). But I a also thinking smaller pieces of marshmallows. And Dafna had a good idea of using mini chocolate chips. So maybe smaller chunks of both would help these cookies stay together.

  4. Yes – I think all of us can be really self-critical but since most people don’t bake, they usually love anything homemade. I thought the cookie dough was a little dry and even re-read the recipe to see if it was supposed to have 2 eggs, but surprisingly, they baked up just fine.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ditto what everyone said- NO ONE was complaining whilst stuffing cookies in their mouths! :) Yes, I think the key is the dough/marshmallow ratio, and like Sandra said, it’s best to try tucking the marshmallows *inside*, although that can be hard. They still look great!

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