baked sunday mornings: black and white cookies

For the past couple of months, I’ve been following along with the Baked Sunday Mornings online baking group.  Every week, this group of bloggers bakes a recipe out of one of the Baked cookbooks – some of my favorite cookbooks.  (Incidentally, thanks to my awesome friend Cathy, I now have the complete set of 3! Hooray :) )  Every week, I intend to make the recipe and actually join the group.  And without fail, every week, life (aka wedding planning/work/house stuff/DASP/etc. etc.) gets in the way and I never get around to it.  Well, now that they’re almost done baking their way through Elements AND Explorations, I’ve finally gotten it together to make and blog about a recipe on time.  Oh well, better late than never – and they’ve mentioned that they have another Baked-related project in the works, so I’d love to get on board with that!

On to the cookies – I thought they were fantastic! Very reminiscent of the traditional New York-style black and white that I’m used to, if slightly smaller (which was a good thing!)  The icing itself was a little messy – in the book, they do mention that you can use a piping bag to get straighter lines, but I was of course way too lazy for all of that.  I think I initially made the white icing a bit too thin – there isn’t really clear direction in the recipe as to what the consistency should be.  Next time I would err on the side of making it a little thicker, as long as it’s still spreadable.  As far as the chocolate icing goes, the recommended 1 tsp. of water was way too little for me – I just kept adding water by the tsp. until the mixture turned back into icing.  Oh, and one other note – I used pure vanilla extract, and as a result got more of a cream-colored “white” icing.  If you want your white to be pure white, you’ll probably have to use clear imitation vanilla.  Overall, I would definitely make these again, and I’m glad to finally join this group!

For the complete recipe, check out Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Welcome! Glad you were able to get baking and make these cookies. They look great! I too started this group a little late, but am so happy that I did start. It is a lot of fun and I absolutely love the Baked cookbooks. I could (and have) just sat and read them from cover to cover… awe of the photography and sheer beauty of the books.

  2. Welcome to the group! My white frosting was pretty white, even with my homemade vanilla extract. Yours look awesome.

    • solanoskitchen says:

      Thanks Rebecca! Mine was still pretty white, it just wasn’t pure white. I used homemade extract too :)

  3. Welcome to the group! Your cookies look great and I love your photo!

  4. Welcome to the group! Love your cookie!

  5. Welcome to the group! We’re so happy to have you – and what a beautiful job you’ve done with the Black and Whites! Congrats!

  6. Welcome Ali! Great photo, and it’s a good week to join in – these are awfully good.

    We have quite a ways to go with Elements, and then, of course there’s the secret side project that will start soon!

  7. Beautiful cookies! And another welcome to the group! I only started somewhere around November of last year, but it’s been a blast baking and learning with everyone. Looking forward to the Triple Rum Cake this week (which may have been the first recipe I tried out of Elements last fall). It is RUMtastic! :)

  8. Woo, check out your cookies on Baked’s Facebook page!

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