alyssa’s 1st communion

WOW, has this been a busy week! I have to apologize for not being able to update on here as often as I’d like – things have just been getting crazier and crazier, and unfortunately I don’t anticipate them getting a whole heck of a lot better any time before the wedding. Luckily, once June rolls around, I should have a lot more time for trialing new recipes and blogging.

Even though I haven’t been posting much, that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been baking – because let me tell you, I have. A LOT. Last week alone, I made 9 dozen cupcakes, 1 6-inch 3 layer cake, and 3 dozen cookies. Phew! Makes me tired all over again just thinking about it. But, of course, I absolutely loved doing it, and I wanted to at least share some of what I made with you! None of these recipes are new to the blog, but I was really pleased with how they turned out aesthetically. You’ll have to excuse all the iPhone pictures – I wasn’t really planning on posting about these, but now I wish I had thought better ahead!

Months ago, two work friends asked if I would make the desserts for their daughter Alyssa’s first communion, which I was of course thrilled to do. Over time we hashed out what the order would look like, and I’m so happy we went in the direction we did – I love how everything turned out.

First, I made 2 dozen vanilla bean and 1 dozen chocolate cupcakes, all frosted with whipped vanilla bean buttercream. At Alyssa’s request, I did all the frosting in shades of pink. I also made her a 6-inch layer cake using the same vanilla bean cake recipe, and frosted with rosettes in an ombre pink (it’s hard to tell in this picture because of the bad lighting, but that lightest shade was more of a baby pink – it looks peach-ish here). I matched the cupcake frosting to the 3 shades of pink on the cake, and frosted those in a rose pattern rather than my typical cupcake swirl. To do so, I used an open star tip, but instead of frosting from the outside of the cupcake in, I started in the middle and frosted in a swirl moving outward.

The last thing I made were 3 dozen cross-shaped sugar cookies with royal icing (again, excuse the pic – I would have actually tried to style it somehow if I was planning on doing more with it than texting my mom :) ). One thing I learned from this one is that decorating cookies with straight edges is a lot less forgiving than ones with curvy lines – it’s so much more obvious when you make a mistake! I still thought they looked adorable, though, so hopefully Alyssa agreed! Overall, I think everything was a success, and from what her parents told me people really enjoyed all the desserts. Thanks to Alyssa and her family for letting me share in her special day!

Oh, and to fill you in on where the 6 dozen OTHER cupcakes came from, I made these 3 different times last week! Clearly I have a new favorite cupcake flavor.

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